Monday, April 5, 2010

alqueva n the alentejo

here is some pics of a place we go camping sometimes, its in a realy dry, dusty and hot part of the country, south, before you reach the coast, a few years ago, they interrupted a river with a damm wich created the biggest artificial lake in europe, or so they say, you can see it in the portuguese map, next to the spanish border in the alentejo, its floded a few populated villages(evacuated by then), some of the roads just end up in the water, no way but back, its just hundreds of miles of a vineard and olive tree desert, super nice people with a taste for wine and bullfighting.speaking of wine, strong and intensed flavoured, it´s one of the most apreciated in the country and beyond.the place is pour and semi deserted.a hard place to live, unforgetable place to visit. enjoy.

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