Thursday, January 27, 2011

Portuguese South West Coast


I leave you a suggestion for a ride Setúbal to Sagres ...

Firstly, they may catch the ferry which is quite nice and it costs about 8 euros for the bike and the biker ...

right out in troia follows is always in the national direction to the south, as you can follow the link to google maps the path and the signs

sleeping is easy to find a campsite in Vila Nova de Mil fontes and in almost the whole journey is a pension or campsite where the bike can stand beside the tent ...

is easy to find a place to eat, where abundant fresh fish grilled and traditional cuisine and is relatively cheap, the restaurants close early in small villages

Note that in this area the gas stations, closed too early (19 or 20 PM) and the speed limit in towns is 50 km / h.

Beware of tractors, cats, dogs, rabbits and wild boar ...

It's a good trip to do in two days with calm and to explore the smaller towns, take a dip in the fantastic beaches, and go enjoying excellent cuisine.

The best time is in June or September because it has no heat or too many people there on vacation.

i made this ride several times with my 71 ironhead but i dont have many pics...

google maps link:,+Gr%C3%A2ndola&daddr=38.24663,-8.73741+to:37.97121,-8.82524+to:37.67087,-8.75961+to:37.26104,-8.83303+to:sagres&hl=pt-PT&geocode=FT9VSwIdBDF4_ylHDX9rNkMZDTEg6oBPwOsACg%3BFeaYRwIdfq16_ynlj4uAUNkbDTGAGiG4vesAEw%3BFQplQwIdaFZ5_ynLcK4A778bDTGRp5u3vesAEw%3BFdbPPgIdxlZ6_ynJWv6ux6AbDTER7N63vesAEw%3BFfCOOAId-jd5_ynfMt54fUAbDTGgznK3vesAEw%3BFe-wNAIdTYB3_yktGmvSF0wbDTFQt5DkvesABQ&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=4&sz=11&via=1,2,3,4&sll=37.201347,-8.886566&sspn=0.249397,0.676346&ie=UTF8&ll=37.822802,-8.624268&spn=1.978595,5.410767&t=h&z=8



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